Monday, August 8, 2011

Facebook Accepts, Then Rejects OD&NT Ad as 'Not Suitable'

A Facebook ad for Leon's new web series Old Dogs & New Tricks, depicting a scene from the pilot, was discontinued by the social media site less than 24 hours after it was approved.

Facebook said the ad was "not suitable" but gave no other explanation as to why the ad was pulled after originally being approved.

Do you find the ad objectionable?  Why do you think it was disapproved after being allowed on the site for over 12 hours?

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

OD&NT Gets Over 2500 Views in First Week

Aug. 8,  2011 – West Hollywood, CA – The pilot of the new web series Old Dogs & New Tricks has scored more than 2,500 YouTube views in its first week online with a 95% “like” rating, with no marketing other than their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Old Dogs & New Tricks focuses on four diverse, successful gay best friends—each located squarely within middle age—and how they react (or overreact) and adjust (or not) to getting older in youth-obsessed West Hollywood.

“Think The Birdcage meets Sex and the City, and you’ve got an idea of how this fabulously fun show plays,” wrote the website, which covers the web TV industry.

Leon Acord (Carved in Stone, Some Prefer Cake), Curt Bonnem (Lovelace: The Rock Opera, Beastly Bombing), Jeffrey Patrick Olson (Daddy) and David Pevsner (Naked Boys Singing, To Bitter and Back) star as the four friends; cabaret star Amanda Abel and Ryland Shelton appear in recurring roles. 

Old Dogs & New Tricks was written and created by Acord, and is directed and developed for the web by Arvin Bautista (My Suicide).  Matt Ladensack serves as Line Producer, with Laurence Whiting and Acord acting as Executive Producers.  The show’s score is composed by veteran film composer Nic. tenBroek (Dark Angel, Xena: Warrior Princess). 

“The response has absolutely exceeded our expectations,” says show’s star/creator Acord, “and we’re very grateful for all the wonderful comments and subscribers we’ve received so far.”

The producers plan to shoot a new two-part episode, then use it and the pilot to raise funds for an eight-episode first season series.For info:

Who Says You Can’t Teach ‘Old Dogs New Tricks’?

by Lance Trachtenberg on August 3, 2011

Just because a person reaches a certain age, that doesn’t necessarily equate with and “ending of an era”, so to speak. With our society’s overly age conscious viewpoint on all things from pop culture to an unending amount of elixirs and remedies stocking the drug store shelves that claim a guarantee to push our biological clocks back to the golden ages of porcelain smooth skin and Adonis toned bodies, we as a nation are constantly bombarded with a continuous message-being old is bad. This ageism inspired message seems to carry little or no weight with the characters of the funny middle ager set web show ’Old Dogs-New Tricks’. And if it does bother them, they don’t let it show.

"Think 'The Birdcage’ meets ’Sex and the City’, and you’ve got an idea of how this fabulously fun show plays."   

The show follows the life of recently turned fifty talent agent Nathan Adler (Leon Acord) and his exploits in the Hollywood scene, as well as the ups and downs of his off the clock life. When Leon’s not working hard just to maintain some modicum of sanity while engaged in his super speed job environment, he’s busy trying to meet all the relation ship expectations put upon him by his partner Brad King (Curt Bonnem), an ex 80’s pop star who defines the description of high maintenance. When he’s not portraying the series lead, Leon Acord doubles as series creator, and he’s put together an interesting clip series focusing on a group of friends trying to get by in the wilds of West Hollywood. Think ’The Birdcage’ meets ’Sex and the City’, and you’ve got an idea of how this fabulously fun show plays.

Pull up some desk chair and follow along with Nathan and his pals as this web series carves its way through its first season web show fans. It should prove to be a fun ride.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Old Dogs & New Tricks Spotlighted in WeHo News Feature Article

It was the final day of filming for the pilot of the new web series Old Dogs & New Tricks, and the production was shooting its last scheduled scene.

West Hollywood bakery Plaisir had been transformed into a gay dance club, and director Arvin Bautista was creating the pilot’s complicated opening shot, in which the camera strolls through a group of gorgeous twenty-somethings before coming to rest on forty-something actor Leon Acord.

“Look at this old guy over here,” Arvin directed the extras, gesturing towards Acord. “He’s old! What’s he doing here? He’s taking up your space! He shouldn’t be here. He shouldn’t even exist!”

Acord pulled a face.

As the show’s creator, writer and co-executive producer as well as its star, he was concerned about the tone of the scene.

“I don’t want Nathan to seem pathetic,” he said to his director.

Old Dogs & New Tricks on AfterElton Web Site

The popular gay news and entertainment web site yesterday featured the pilot of Leon's new web TV series Old Dogs & New Dogs on its site.

Click HERE for more! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OD&NT Featured on Greg in Hollywood Blog:

See premiere episode of “Old Dogs & New Tricks”
By Greg Hernandez on Aug 2, 2011 12:02 am

"I’ll be posting upcoming episodes of this new web series as they become available. Love seeing shows featuring local out actors." Go to

Thanks Greg!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Listen to Leon's recent Finding Cupid Appearance!

Click HERE to listen to Leon Acord' recent appearance on David Cruz's Finding Cupid radio show on Global Voice Broadcasting to discuss his new web series Old Dogs & New Tricks playing at