Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Leon's New Demo Reel Now On Line at YouTube

Edited by Michael Symonds of Best Motion Pictures, the new reel contains scenes from the films Deer Season, Zero Tolerance, Scared to Live, A Quiet Place, Final Remains, and aWake, as well as glimpses of some of Leon's other 30 film performances.

Visit Leon's YouTube Channel to watch full short films, scenes from features, scenes from stage performances, and a talk show appearance or two...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jim J. Bullock Joins Leon Acord in 'Old Dogs & New Tricks'

Veteran actor Jim J. Bullock joins Leon Acord as a series regular when Old Dogs & New Tricks, the new web comedy, shoots it's pilot in Spring 2011.

Old Dogs tells the stories of four West Hollywood friends determined to "stay in the game," despite being located squarely within middle-age.  Bullock will play 'Ross Stein,' a one-time closeted TV star of the 1990s, who's career has dimmed over time and who has come out of the closet.  Acord plays his agent, 'Nathan Adler,' a former wild-child who is tempted by a man half his age.  

Gordon Thompson (Dynasty) and cabaret star Amanda Abel have already signed on to play important recurring roles.

Bullock is a familiar face to audiences.  His credits include the 1980s ABC sitcom Too Close for Comfort starring Ted Knight; the talker Jim J. and Tammy Faye Show with the irrepressible Tammy Faye Messner; and the 1990s version of Hollywood Squares, where he served as "Center Square."  He's guest-starred on such shows as Seinfeld, Roseanne, and AlfMost recently, he's appeared in a long-term recurring role in the CBS daytime serial The Bold and the Beautiful.

Old Dogs & New Tricks, written & created by Acord, premieres online early 2012   Arvin Bautista serves as supervising producer and will direct the first several episodes.  Levi Damione and Leon are producing, with Laurence Whiting acting as Executive Producer.  

The series will begin shooting its 13 two-part episode run in Fall 2011!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Allegiance" Premieres Spring 2011 at Dodge College

Patrick Dawn's dramatic short film Allegiance will have its debut screening on Saturday, April 9, 2011, at Dodge College of the Arts at Chapman University.

Written by Ian Dalesky, Allegiance imagines a present-day America if Germany had won World War II, and focuses on Joseph Abbott (Timothy Guest) a middle-school teacher who bravely teaches his students the messages of freedom and individuality.  

Leon plays "Herr Handt," one of Abbott's fellow teachers.  Sam Cohen, Alana Hamilton, Kat Klein, Trevor Teichmann, Will Walker, Travis Walker, Devin Fox and Brenton Meyers round out the cast.   Michael Althaus served as director of photography.

Check back soon for more info, or sign up to the Allegiance Fan Page on Facebook.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Web Series "Old Dogs & New Tricks" Moves Forward

Following a successful table reading with Patrick Bristow, Jim J. Bullock, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, among others, Leon's upcoming web series is moving forward to a late summer/fall 2011 shoot for an early 2012 debut on-line.

Old Dogs & New Tricks is the comedic story of four West Hollywood friends trying to stay in the game as the Big 5-0 looms on the horizon -- and explores how gay men react (or over-react) and adjust (or not) to growing older in a youth-obsessed world.  Leon stars as talent agent and about-to-turn-50 year old 'Nathan Adler,' who's torn between a mysterious, much-younger "Boy Toy" and a stable, secure older man.

Arvin Bautista (who directed Leon in 2006's Deer Season) serves as Supervising Producer and will direct several episodes.  Leon and Levi Damione are producing, with Laurence Whiting serving as Executive Producer.  Leon created and wrote the series.

Gordon Thompson (Dynasty, Little Miss Sunshine) will join the cast mid-season as Nathan's age-appropriate love interest.  Cabaret star Amanda Abel will co-star as Nathan's flamboyant assistant 'Lydia Lasker'. Casting of the lead roles should be complete by year's end. 
"When I wrote the series this past summer, I intentionally made my character 50, so I'd have at least three years to actually get it produced.  I'm so surprised by how positively everyone has reacted to the scripts, and how it's taken on a life of it's own as a result.  It's happening much faster than I expected, and that's solely because most people who've read it have been very enthusiastic."
More info coming soon!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Leon Shoots Cameo in Patrick Dawn's 'Allegiance'

Leon just completed shooting a 'cameo role' for Patrick Dawn's new dramatic short film Allegiance.

Allegiance imagines a modern-day America if the Nazis won World War II.  When new school textbooks delete all references to the "Final Solution," one brave teacher (Timothy Guest) decides to teach his students the truth.  Leon plays "Herr Handt," a fellow teacher at the school.

Leon last worked with Dawn on the short film aWake.

Allegiance will screen at Chapman University after the first of the year.  Please check back for more details.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Leon's Latest imdb Credit: 'aWake'

Patrick Dawn's short drama aWake, starring Mark Arnold, Leon & Stephanie T. Keefer, has cracked the international movie website imdb

In the dramatic short, William (Arnold), a happily married middle-aged man, and his wife (Keefer) attend William's former lover's (Leon) living wake, where he struggles to validate his decisions in life.

aWake becomes the 14th of Leon's over 30 film credits to be listed on the site. 

Watch the film here!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Leon Re-Teams with aWake Director Patrick Dawn for Allegiance

Leon & director Patrick Dawn
On Nov. 21st, Leon reports to the set of Patrick Dawn's new film Allegiance -- Dawn last directed Leon in 2010's drama short aWake.

Written by Ian Dalesky from an original concept by Dawn, Allegiance imagines an America where the Nazis won World War II.  When the "Fourth Reich of the German States of America" removes all mention of the "Final Solution" from school textbooks, a brave teacher determines to teach the truth -- and inspires his class to rebel.

Leon plays a 'important cameo' at the end of the film as a Nazi teacher -- saying more would give away too much.

"Patrick emailed me, saying his film had a very dramatic short scene at the end that required a talented actor -- but was worried the size of the role would turn off 'serious' actors.  I loved working with Patrick in aWake, so I immediately said yes. It's a great script, and a wonderfully powerful last scene."
More to come!