Friday, November 19, 2010

Leon Re-Teams with aWake Director Patrick Dawn for Allegiance

Leon & director Patrick Dawn
On Nov. 21st, Leon reports to the set of Patrick Dawn's new film Allegiance -- Dawn last directed Leon in 2010's drama short aWake.

Written by Ian Dalesky from an original concept by Dawn, Allegiance imagines an America where the Nazis won World War II.  When the "Fourth Reich of the German States of America" removes all mention of the "Final Solution" from school textbooks, a brave teacher determines to teach the truth -- and inspires his class to rebel.

Leon plays a 'important cameo' at the end of the film as a Nazi teacher -- saying more would give away too much.

"Patrick emailed me, saying his film had a very dramatic short scene at the end that required a talented actor -- but was worried the size of the role would turn off 'serious' actors.  I loved working with Patrick in aWake, so I immediately said yes. It's a great script, and a wonderfully powerful last scene."
More to come!

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