Monday, February 21, 2011

Cast Set for Upcoming "Old Dogs & New Tricks"

Jim J. Bullock, Curt Bonnem & Jeffrey Patrick Olson Join Leon for Comedy Series 

Casting is now complete for the pilot of Old Dogs & New Tricks, Leon's new comedy web series which he also created and wrote.

Curt Bonnem and Jeffrey Patrick Olson will join Jim J. Bullock (already cast) and Leon as four best friends located squarely in middle age in youth-obsessed West Hollywood.  Ryland Shelton will play a mysterious 25 year old actor/model. 
clockwise: Leon Acord, Jim J. Bullock, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Curt Bonnem
Production on the pilot episode begins in May, with the series shooting in late summer/early fall. Arvin Bautista, who's developed the show for the web, will produce and direct the pilot as well as at least some of the series' episodes.  Laurence Whiting is executive producing; Leon and Levi Damione are producing; Matt Ladensack is line producing. 

Ryland Shelton

Meanwhile, the show's official site is now on line at

Check back soon for more info!

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